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Hi, I am Ankit. I started my manifestation journey 12 Years back. Before I was struggling emotionally and financially. That phase brings unhappiness and discontentment in my life. In that phase also I always had the certainty that there is something more in this existence apart from physical reality and I had a strong gut feeling that there must be some way which could enable us take control of our life completely. 

The certainty of this leads me to the concept of manifestation and then the teaching of Neville Goddard. I tried everything to prove that the manifestation is not real and I failed every single time in it. After I realised that manifestation is real I have decided that no matter what I am going to master the art of manifestation

12 years later, I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit studying and practicing manifestation. Playing, Integrating, Experimenting, Observing, Shifting, Watching, Reading and Coaching. I’ve done it all. I know what works and what doesn’t  and I know how to use it exactly to get what you want in this physical plane.

In my journey I’ve created many things beyond my wildest dreams. Some of them are 6 fold increase in income, Good Health and relationship. and I love to help people do the same. 

My coaching programs are based on the belief that when we are clear about what we want, and  we combine this with transformative “inner work” we can create a life filled with Abundance. Success. Love. Joy & Meaning.


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Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires into reality through focused intention, positive energy, and aligned action. Our classes are designed to help you understand and harness the power of manifestation.

To get started, explore our comprehensive practice on manifestation. Each class is structured to provide insights, techniques, and practical steps to help you manifest your goals effectively.

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Our guides include practices to overcome doubt and navigating challenges in your manifestation journey. Check the blog section for insights and actionable advice.